Once Again My Father Became My Role Model while lockdown👨‍👧🤗

MR.Premchand Mourya👇Today I will tell you about a person who is not God but it is not less than God to me because since childhood I have only those who fulfill my every need. But I never made any demand in front of him the one who come to to my mind spoke to mother and he took my money from the father. In such a way my father never talks more than anyone he is very calm and sweet hearted person and helps to everyone can never seen anyone unhappy.

As you all know that and epidemic like corona it spread all over the world today and it has lost many lives . And there is a lockdown situation all over the world.during this time there are many millions of people who are not able to get food.because of this people from poor sections who have left their homes and settled in cities elsewhere now set out on his own towards his village along with their family.
I live with my entire family in Gurugram district of Haryana state in India. And also I belongs to the middle class family. And my father has a small Electronic shop in Gurugram. But as we all know to do some good job first we should have pure heart and strong determination power before money.and so seeing the situation in India my father whose name is Mr Premchand Maurya is started a Food Campaign to make food free to call daily wage labourers of gurugram and my father runs an NGO known as Anti Crime Corruption Youth Organisation Recognised by Haryana Government. Through….this NGO my father talk to all his team members also his friends and put this campaign as a proposal. For the proposal everyone said brother let it be it’s not our issue…..”(And where will we get so much money to start this)”??… “(We are not able to do this.)”
But still the father did not give up and started the campaign and brought foodstuff of ₹12000 for 300 people on his behalf. And alone engaged in this social work .He called confectioner and made a meal in the godown of our shop in which my father and mother together with the confectioner help him to cook.After that he went to four different places in gurugram and distributed food and while distributing deliberately he clicked some pictures and next day he spoke to a journalist friend or give the pictures with the news in newspaper.
Seeing this all the fathers friends and team members become motivated or emotional and all of them extend a helping hand. And many politicians also helped. And it is how all played their roles in this campaign.
Today it has been 33 consecutive days Moving the lock down and running this movement as well. And now only food is not delivered to 300 people but its number has increased to more than a thousand people everyday. The families of poor people are being fed and every helps is being extend to them.
And as long as there is this epidemic do not get liberation this service will continue like this.I,m always feeling Proud to be a daughter of such a great Man.🙏🙇‍♀️

किसी ने सच ही कहा है नर सेवा नारायण सेवा🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  1. Splendid work in this situation!! Your father proves the phrase true, Sharing is caring… You know to kill the people is very easy but to survive them, strength and will you needed most from you and people surrounded within him!!!

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  2. Really divine steps! Praying for all success to his activities. Because that success is really critical for the needy!! God bless you all! 🙏😇

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  3. Anju, your father is an inspiration for all of us, and so are you! God bless you both and give you the strength to do more good work for all those who are suffering. Also thank you for liking my poetry!

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    • ❤️🤗🤗Thanku for your best wishes dear ….and also thanku for decorating My blog with your beautiful star.glad to that u like My Father,s Hardwork.☺️☺️🤗🤗

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  4. You are blessed to be your father’s daughter. Such people are the remainders of the rich lineage that Indians ever had and I salute your father and many others like him for their selfless seva.

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  5. Dear Anju,
    There are many people serving the community. It is not an easy task, you need dedication and lots of time. Your father has definitely good qualities.Do not forget your mother, I see she is helping your father for making food with doing all home activities. She is equally sharing work with father plus your all home activities. My salute to your dad and mom.

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