My Dream To be Shine One Day 🌟But Sometimes It Seems Impossible.😔

I am a simple girl and I am interested in many things .proficient in all household works and also cook very good food everyone in my family says this. I have studied in a normal private school and I am an average student. Don’t know why everyone thinks I am multi talented but still I am always find myself behind. I don’t know why I think I will be able to do anything in my life or not.the responsibilities have increased so much that I have seen so much in my life at a young age. Now sometimes it seems that why does this always happen to me??….. Why always I have to face every trouble.But then I look at my parents and to look them light in a small corner of the heart awakens.and that light calls me on its sides and always says that you are not just mean to live your life is like this. You have to do something very big in your life.the light calls me you have to shine as a star in the crowd of millions and you can do it only.I also have a dream that my father has not hug me till today. I want to do something in life that he just hugs me once and it says that you are my daughter and I am proud of you my son. I never want to be there bad coin.and on the other side when I look at my mother it seems that how can I give up when I know already don’t know how long my mother has been dreaming of my success. She just spent all her life on me. Even pay off their Debt.My mother never went anywhere because of me, I want them to roam the whole world.I do not have the temptation to get rich.I just want to brighten my parents name.Yes i also want to be a self dependent.I do not want to live as a burden on my family for life.I also want a small house of my own.Whom I will decorate with my hands.i also want People like me as a…………. self-respecting girl. Still I don’t know how I will do this. But I am sure I will be shine one day like a blinking star 🌟 because my parents blessings and their hands is always on me. ☺️🤗❤️

Thanku .


  1. Anju, just be positive and try to learn from every tough challenge. Actually God gives more challenges to the dearest ones to make them stronger…. You know why? He wants them to do something on this earth on behalf of him!!
    So be strong. Keep doing good as you do!!
    Your dreams will become a reality and you will make your parents proud!!🙏😇

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  2. Always trust to your dream , All person have a capabilities to gain their goal but one thing is always that you live with a positive attitude which is necessary for anybody success . One day you win whole world Heart👍👍👍

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  3. Thank you for sharing and hope all your tomorrows are all that you wish for them to be!.. 🙂

    “The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.” – Joel Brown

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  4. I don’t know who you are but I relate 98% to your post, the multi talent that seems not to be paying off as much. Getting your parents to a better place and making them visit every know place on Earth.
    It’s okay to feel like this but it’s never okay to sink in those feelings.
    You shall rise and you will SHINE🔥😍

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  5. You don’t know you have started dreaming it and the all good happenings is following from the very first day when you got this thought of self dependent but they are just waiting for right time .sooner or later you will get all the things once you wished .keep a good watch over your thoughts and efforts.

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  6. Your time to shine is not that far away. I love your pictures and if I were planning on writing books for children, I would want you to do the illustrations. They remind me of Le Petit Prince.

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      • Alas, I don’t write for children. What I generally write I prefer it not illustrated. You are very talented. If you haven’t read The Little Prince, I believe you would enjoy it very much. Kind regards, Léa

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  7. अपने पर अगर भरोसा है तो कोई भी मुकाम हासिल करना मुश्किल नहीं।

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  8. I can soo see myself in you when I was in my late teen and early 20s I am 34 now and living a life build by my own which I can not be less proud of. Keep this light in you and never settle for anything less than you worked for. I wish you all the best girl with lots of love.

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