From One Home To Another [My wedding]πŸ‘°πŸ’

Hlo Guys,,

7 July 2018

How are you all hope, you will be all right during this pandemic.I apologize to all of you because I haven’t uploaded any posts for so long.You will find out the reason for this in a short time in farward lines because You all are very important to me and you are like my family, from which I share all my happiness and sorrow.All of you gave me so much love, I thank you wholeheartedly for that.

So today I am going to share with you what I have not done till today.still I’m just 20 years old . when I was about to turn 18, I got married.

In March, 2018 I completed my 12th and I got married on 7th July 2018. And I was married to an Arranged marriage which was done by family’s and consent.When I first came to know that Mom Dad had seen a boy for my wedding and he was coming to meet me, I was very scared.I was really very silly at that time.I could not understand what was happening to me?

Whatever the family members said, it was done to me.I felt like this, what is happening to me so far I have not even ventured out and seen the world. I tried to convince my parents that I am too young to get married right now. I am not ready for marriage. Please do not get me married now.But the family members did not agree. He had made up his mind that now he has to get me married.I am from Rajasthan, a state in India.Where girls are married soon without their will.And that’s why my grandfather soon found a Boy for me to get married.

Although I have not lived in Rajasthan since my childhood.I live with my parents in Gurugram district in Haryana, is also state in India and Gurugram is a developed city.

I was very scared the day I was going to see the boy.I did not even know what questions to ask. Despite that, the family took me to introduce him.We met in a temple where our whole family was together.We were seated on a bench in front and we talked for 5 minutes with difficulty.And after that 5 minute conversation,our relationship was confirmed.After that we both did not have any conversation till marriage, nor did we have each other’s contact number.on that time I was like pushing myself into a blind well.

And then my wedding preparations started.And on seeing this, I did not even know that the wedding day had come close.It was such a big day of my life and I did not even know the meaning of marriage properly. Everything was very strange , all emotions. All the customs.My life was about to connect with an unknown person……………..

And now my marriage has been almost 2 years.In these 2 years, I have never been out of the house alone.Now nothing remains the same.I used to stay awake all day. trailed off. We got married in such a hurry that we never knew properly the other one.There has been a lot of misunderstanding between us.We both think that we wish we were not married.

Then one day I came to know that I am pregnant.I didn’t want to be a baby yet.But still I did not have the courage to eat abortion pills.I felt that how can I kill my child who has not even come in this world.

Then And I have convinced.And today I have a very cute and lovely Prince Charming-like son.Truly becoming a mother is not easy. One has to go through many difficulties to become a mother.Perhaps this is why a mother loves her child the most in the whole world.My child is not from normal delivery.I have a child by c-section Major surgery.Never really thought about the operation.After the operation it felt like someone made me a dead corpse.

To become a mother really one has to endure a lot.And now I,m 20 year old Sometimes it seems that I have seen so much at a young age.Sometimes I feel pity for myself and sometimes feel so proud of myself that I showed so much courage.And I accepted everything I got in life.Always explained myself and tried to move forward.Perhaps this is the name of life.

I want to Thank you wholeheartedly that you took out your precious time and read this post.

Regards with Anju RajputπŸ˜‡


  1. Difficult situation makes the person more strong and you have proved that. The day ahead is always a new beginning. Start your happy journey from this moment and live your life fullest. Best wishes πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story. Yes, to be a mother you do have to endure a lot and a mother’s love can never be underestimated. Although my wife was 20 when we married, we were engaged for 12 months beforehand. Here we are 33 years and three children later. I realise we do have a lot more independence where I am. I wish you many blessings ahead, including your Prince Charming. Keep blogging…

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  3. First of all arranged marriages are a part of your race’s tradition *&* such a tradition is contrary to freedom *&* personal feelings. Of course some of those marriages work,and some don’t akin to non traditional marriages, but the point is a young lady should have a choice if she want to get married comprising do she love the man she is marrying *&* you were gifted with a son you love from the marriage, but the isn’t the point either; because arranged marriage robs a young lady of free will *&* it is not right!

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  4. Congratulations on your little one. There is no love in the world like a mother’s love for her child. You are very strong. God loves you and has given you this little blessing. Prayers for you, your child, and your marriage.

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  5. Such a raw post. It reached exactly where it should have. You decided to express yourself finally dear Anju! That is the most difficult first step you took towards your freedom. Keep going. Remain strong. There’s a lot ahead. Lots of love. Simi.

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  6. WOW 🀩

    SMH πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

    I can’t believe that they still do this in India…

    So sorry 😐 that you have to get married against your will.. at such a young age..

    And now a mom..

    I do hope you will in time grow to love your husband…

    Because without love πŸ’•.. life is meaningless and not worth living..

    Love is the gift of life.. and I do it finds you…

    Having your baby though.. will give you the motivation needed…

    Keep moving forward…

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  7. THERE is a book recently published by Laleh Chini, entitled CLIMBING OVER GRIT…Involves arranged marriage in a different cultural setting. This co-authior has a Word Press blog called A VOICE FROM IRAN, The story is in the first person, but describes what her mother lived through.. You may find it a good resource compared with your experiences! πŸ˜€ Tell Laleh I sent you!

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  8. You are exceedingly precious to God. He listens to you and cares so deeply about everything you have been through. He loves you deeply! Thank you so much for sharing your story so transparently. You make this world a better place because of who you are. You are a gift!

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  9. Dear Anju you are nominated for Sun Shine Award.Congratulations.Please accept it and spread your shining to 11people chain so that they are enlightened and motivated by you. Young lady your blog is always specific and beaufiful. Thanks.

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  10. I love your Blog page. I love that you are giving your Creative Soul the chance to soar. Thanks for the likes on my S1mply Be Blogaz1n3. I truly appreciate it. Much love and light to you my friend. If you have IG, find me @noemi.creativesouls :))

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