How To Handle Tough Or A Dire situation’s

Such a situation comes when we have to forgive the other, do we really forgive them?

Or else Beautifully show them that we have forgiven them, but we can never forgive them wholeheartedly in private. Those things can never be removed from the mind.

Things ends when we go out of our hearts and is like a drama where after one scene another scene definitely comes. An entire scene ends when we remove that scene from the heart and mind.

The challenge will keep you coming, but the important thing is how do we overcome it?

Only our patience can save us in bad times because Patience plays a very important role in our life.
But” Today’s youth set off happy very quickly and very quickly become unhappy.

If something small happens, then they go into depression.for the reason that there is absolutely no patience left in today’s youth.

So we have to create a patience inside ourselves to get out of every difficulty. And to calm the mind, we should do meditation to bring the patience inside ourselves.

Those who do not have patience, they lose good chances and does not achieve chances to get success.

It is understandable that when everything is going well with us, we become very happy and we have no worries but when something goes wrong on the same we become so depressed. We become so sad.

We begin to feel like this is happening to me only.When we are happy, we don’t talk to anyone about why we are so happy, why are we being as good as we are and when we are unhappy, we start thinking madly why something bad is happening to us. Used to be?

We should only remember one thing, whether it is sadness,or happiness, there is never the same time.

The first page of the book of life is black and white or colorful …life never gives a hint, so we should be ready for both.

If there is misery today, tomorrow can also bring happiness and And if today is happiness, tomorrow can also be sad.Happiness and sorrow are only Two side of a coin.

A short story of Brainy Master

Once upon a time there was a Master goes to the banks of the river with his disciples to bathe and is sat there under a tree.

It was morning to evening and yet Master did not bathe nor allow the disciples to do it.

Then a one disciple asked Master why we have not taken bath yet. Now it is evening. When we will take a bath, Master!

Then after 2 minutes of silence Maste replied that Not all of us will bathe till the waves of this river calm down.

After a while, a disciple says the master, the waves of this river will never calm down we have to bathe inside this river.

Then the master replied that this river is also an example of life

, as the waves of River never calm down, just as the waves of sadness and happiness of life never calm down.

They keeps on coming and we have to live and survive.If we will sit down holding our sorrows and keep on remembering the old things, we will never be able to do anything in our life.

Those who get scared don’t get anything in life.And those who get up and fight have whole world at their feet.


  1. “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.” – John F. Kennedy

    “When you forgive another for ‘whatever’
    between you things will never be the same
    akin to a wound that heals leaving a scar.”

    _-Van Prince

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  2. Determination to succeed is very good Anju
    but adding to it some flexibility with a strong will to see the bigger picture in return is also very inspiring …
    To clarify this idea , that if one approach or one way does not work well as you wish then choosing to another approach that works better is key in success…
    It is not only about working harder but also more wisely and more mindfully. If hard work alone pays , then wirkers in mining Copper or any other metals would be very rich …
    Have a good day everyone reading this comment…Stay blessed …

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  3. Anju, I loved your post. “Patience is a Virtue.” Your post summed this quote up so well. In the current “fast food” society we live in today, we have lost the art of being patient. Whenever bad things happen, if we are patient and trust, we will be rewarded with a multitude of good things in our lives.
    “Those who get scared do not get anything in life. And those who get up and fight have whole world at their feet.” This is a great thought and very true. Stay safe.

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