How To Handle Tough Or A Dire situation’s

We have to remember at every difficult time that no problem is bigger than us! We have the courage to face all the difficulties and troubles.

So keep on making your steps without bending without stopping and you will definitely achieve your goal one day.

Make yourself stubborn and do all your strength to fulfill your stubbornness!

And anyway, when we get something for free, then it is not worth us, but when we get the same thing with our hard work and dedication, then we know its value and the happiness of that thing is different.

Remember My These Advises In Any Difficult Situation…

1– Do not let your emotions dominate your heart and mind and take full control of your mind

2– Always remember that if this misery has come then happiness will also come. Time is not always the same. Time always changes.Just some things get fixed automatically over time and There are some problems, we have to fix ourselves By Hard work.

3– The decisions taken in anger are often wrong, so Therefore, when the mind is always calm, only then should we make a decision thoughtfully so that we can think right for the future.

4– Do not judge your whole life with one failure because if a failure has come, success can also come at other times.

5– Never stop. Always keep moving forward, whether there is happiness, whether there is sorrow, never think that life is over.We have to change our lives ourselves, we have to fill our life with happiness . and This thing is only in our Hands. only we can do it.

6– Never let yourself break inside, always face every difficulty with courage and patience, after that all the difficulties will become easy and everything will go on by itself.Just trust yourself that yes I can.


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  1. Determination to succeed is very good Anju
    but adding to it some flexibility with a strong will to see the bigger picture in return is also very inspiring …
    To clarify this idea , that if one approach or one way does not work well as you wish then choosing to another approach that works better is key in success…
    It is not only about working harder but also more wisely and more mindfully. If hard work alone pays , then wirkers in mining Copper or any other metals would be very rich …
    Have a good day everyone reading this comment…Stay blessed …

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  2. Anju, I loved your post. “Patience is a Virtue.” Your post summed this quote up so well. In the current “fast food” society we live in today, we have lost the art of being patient. Whenever bad things happen, if we are patient and trust, we will be rewarded with a multitude of good things in our lives.
    “Those who get scared do not get anything in life. And those who get up and fight have whole world at their feet.” This is a great thought and very true. Stay safe.

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