How to make money through podcasting

Hello everyone,

You must have heard from many content creators that in today’s era of video content is the future.that if you show your content through videos to people and explain the people like it more and give more importance to it.

But in this article today I will tell you that apart from video content audio content also has a very good future and now a days it is a very popular.

Nowadays people have very less patience because today is the content on social media is unlimited. Human post so many stuff at daily basis.

Today the content on the internet is increasing people have less time to watch videos as they have time by watching a little and scroll up.

And there are many people who just turn on the video and leave it and focus on their attention only on listening to the audio only because they are are busy with their work.

If all these things are taken care of then you can understand that in the coming time the audio content going to be very popular and through this audio content you can make a lot of income and also do this work professionally.

And because there is so much content on YouTube now it’s difficult to grow on YouTube. So you can quickly grow through audio content on podcast platforms.

And seeing all this in today’s Era a lot of people are starting doing podcast and also make lot of money by doing this only.

Podcast means uploading regularly episodes wise audio content.

whichever subject you have the most knowledge you can choose that subject and make your own episodes on top of that topic and through these episode share your knowledge in the whole world.

Today there are lots of platform are available for podcast on the internet.

List of some best platforms for podcast:-

1- Podbean
2- Buzzsprout 3- Bulburry
3- Tranisistor
4- Smart podcast player
5- Libsyn
6- SoundCloud
7- Spotify
8- Google podcast
9-Anchor .FM
10- Apple podcast

And I would like to tell you that Spotify Google podcast Anchor FM and also Google podcast and Apple podcast in uploading your content on all this platform you do not have to pay any charges it is absolutely free.

and if you want to take deep knowledge about podcast then you can tell me by commenting in the comment box I will post another article on it.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I also branched out to Youtube and if I have entered it at the same time as WP for sure I will be earning money by now. I like to try podcasts someday but I need to learn more about them and how my other interest can be incorporated with them.

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